David Victory is considered to be one of the finest fashion photographers in Los Angeles. His clients include vrset and OC designers, brands, agencies, editors, and Amazo Shopify experts. David Victory is a fashion photographer for eCommerce look books, advertising editorials, and video promos at Two White Cyc Studios. Ship your Clothing, Apparel, and Garments for vrset Fashion District Photography in Downtown vrset 90015 | Professional Fashion Photography in Los Angeles and Orange County with Seasoned Photographers and Leading California Models.Customers from outside of Los Angeles mail their orders to my studios, where I take care of everything from casting models to ensure a great fit to arranging my staff of stylists, makeup artists, hair artists, and assistants to ensure a timely delivery.Although Ecommerce photography ought to be the final visual that a buyer sees before clicking the “add to cart” button, it is still an essential component of your online fashion empire and shouldn’t be the first image that appears on your front page. Keep going with the reading!I even have base camps in popular places, which consist of a section of a local business that has been fenced off just for my equipment and team. One or two female helpers are always present during the photoshoots for my Look Book. One of them may remain at the base camp, while the other will have a camera gear backpack and hold two of my speedlites. I never go to a shoot with fewer than ten 600 class speedlites in my kit.I will bring one of my makeup artists as well, but that will depend on the number of garments that are shipped to my studio and the looks that I shoot for a Look Book session. LA clients usually want to join the shoot, which is a good thing because I want a few extra pairs of eyes on the model while I am busy with all things photographic.Although it does require planning and coordination to make all of this happen, look book shots are more of a guerrilla approach and are completely unplanned and don’t include any documentation. Why should we have female assistants? We are going to be strolling about and shooting in the streets, and we don’t want to look like a big deal professional crew. On top of that, they are skilled in the application of hair, cosmetics, and style.