Here we practice a wide variety of English sentences from beginner to more advanced, incorporating structures like the present continuous and the past perfect. We will also look at a paragraph on flowers, along with an essay on flowers, to give inspiration to those who have writing assignments. We use the past perfect tense to explain something that happened in the past, until another point in the past.

Creating a Floral Haven

I am a keen gardener, so in the future, I would like to have four flowerbeds surrounding my green lawn. In each bed, I would like to have a different type of flower growing. Most probably, the flowers mentioned above that are my favorites.The Bougainvillea flowers had been planted on the ground, and eventually grew to surround the doorway.Next, we will look at an example short essay on flowers. Bear in mind, this is a very short essay and can be used as a template.Most of the sentences so far have been intermediate to advanced level, but for the newer learners of English out there, here are 50 very easy English sentences about flowers.

Mastering Advanced Verb Forms

It is one of the more advanced verb forms that we will use today to make sentences about flowers.Last winter I had planted some bulbs, with the hope that they would grow in spring.I thought I had pruned the shrubs in the back garden, but I hadn’t. They were very overgrown when I saw them.The Marigolds that I had bought last year didn’t last into this year.I had grown Hibiscus plants for a few years when I decided to change my garden layout.I thought the pansies had already bloomed.Julia had purchased several new lotus flowers without knowing where to put them.The beautiful dahlia flowers had grown all around Ava’s garden.