You can use Instapaper to save articles from the web that you want to read offline and then read them whenever and wherever you like. You may use Instapaper on your Android smartphone or tablet. When you’re in range of Wi-Fi or mobile data, the app will quickly download any unread articles so you can read them offline, whenever you like, in a format tailored to your device. You should bookmark all the cool stuff you find online, whether it’s an article, movie, food recipe, song lyrics, or anything else. Instapaper is a bookmarking and reading app that makes it easy to collect and organize content from across the web.Your saved articles and videos from Instapaper are automatically available on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle devices. You have the freedom to access your saved content whenever you like, online or offline. With Instapaper, you can mark up any article and save it to read later, reference, and share with others.The Instapaper app saves a text-heavy version of each page, formatted optimally for reading.