With a warehouse close to Southwold

With a warehouse close to Southwold, on the border between Suffolk and Norfolk, you may get high-quality teak garden furniture at a reasonable price.

The wide variety of shapes and styles available will be the focus point of any outdoor patio setting, whether the buyer is looking for something modern or leans more towards the more classical looks. Whether you’re furnishing a sprawling backyard or a tiny apartment, you’re sure to find the ideal piece of furniture. Create a one-of-a-kind, show-stopping ensemble that will impress your guests and can’t be found anywhere else by mixing and matching pieces from different collections. To get started, select a table from the extensive collection available. There are numerous options, ranging from enormous extending tables to small folding patio tables and side tables. Include a variety of inviting seating options. Relax and let your creative juices run as you peruse our selection of teak root sculptures produced from the roots salvaged from teak plantations, teak storage boats, a vast range of seats in both classic and modern forms, and great value teak garden furniture sets.

With a warehouse close to Southwold: Except where stated, all of the garden sets are available right now. The entire United Kingdom, including London, is serviced instantly upon receipt of an order. Over the past two decades, we’ve perfected our shipping system to the point where we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our lightning-fast, cost-free service. All of our outdoor teak furniture is crafted from excellent teakwood that is sustainably obtained from legally harvested trees in environmentally responsible plantations.
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